Transport Insurance – world-wide!

Our portfolio comprises all lines of insurance in order to financially cover the risks that may arise from the transportation, storage and handling of cargo around the globe. Risk analyses and coverage concepts tailored to our clients’ needs and profiles – these are the fields where we are at our best.

Cargo Insurance

Hardly any product is used or consumed right at its place of manufacture. Between a given product’s point of origin and its final destination often lay long routes of transportation, and, sometimes, numerous stopovers for storage in transit and transshipment. Products subject to trading will turn into goods in the meantime. The perils goods are exposed to while in transit to their place of destination are covered via a cargo insurance which is taken out by the owners of such goods.

Freight Forwarder’s Liability Insurance

Anyone who transfers products as a trade on behalf of a third party will charge a “freight” in return for this service. However, if things turn out differently to what was originally planned, there will necessarily be a party who will be held liable and who will have to pay for the damage or loss incurred in the end. The party who assumes the task of transporting, storing, transhipping, and repacking third-party goods, or even a minor treatment thereof, will therefore take out a Freight Forwarder’s Liability Insurance to cover itself against any possible liability claims in this respect.

Hull Insurance

No matter whether we speak of sea-going or inland water vessels, trains, cranes, or any other vehicles, as well as containers, as any of those items constitute a major valuable asset they can be insured against numerous kinds of perils and risks. Hull insurance is a very complex field as this insurance concept comprises coverage for sea-going vessels, sailing yachts, or diesel locomotives alike.

Engineering Insurance

Machinery, construction equipment, structures and other valuable technical elements exposed to risk can be insured against particular perils. Engineering insurance is similar to the concept of transport insurance in more than just one aspect. Therefore, combining engineering insurance with transport insurance will result in far-reaching insurance solutions that provide the necessary protection of the balance sheet of a project or an entire business.

Customized Solutions

Finding the right solution tailored to meet a special need - this is the kind of challenge we gladly accept. It is our specialty to find individual solutions in the versatile world of insurance lines, be it an accident insurance for crewing companies or combined insurance coverage for a combined heat and power plant (CHP). Let’s give it a try!


ATNA - the Underwriting Agency

We run an underwriting agency authorized to accept risks for cover and adjust claims on behalf of the insurers we represent. Transport Insurance is our home market.

Vested with the powers of attorney from the insurance companies that we represent, we round off our partners’ services with our knowhow and expertise and develop customized insurance solutions geared to our individual client’s needs. Building on our experience and expertise in the settlement and management of claims, no matter how complex they are, we make sure any promises will be kept. However, anyone who insures the risks arising in the trade and logistics sectors has to adjust his activities to the circumstances and conditions of those particular markets. Our modern working environment is efficiently ensured via fast and transparent processes. Combining our venerable trade with these requirements, backed up with state-of-the art EDP solutions is our declared aim. Also, it is our aim to develop a joint process run by all parties involved and enabling the parties to save resources and cut costs.

Insurance brokers regard us as their competent contact, coming up with fresh ideas and the right understanding for the small and medium-sized companies’ service requirements. In this respect we have an edge over our partners we represent. This is because we are allowed to remain what we are - a small-size business. Our clients benefit from our extensive market access which enables us to generate the “best advice” as required, if insurance brokers wish to rely on us as their exclusive partner. We are able to offer a wide range of solutions up to complete contract management and claims administration. Insurance brokers focus their activities on advisory services, whereas underwriting agents assume the tasks of developing solutions, providing support and taking care of administrative chores.

Insurers regard us as a valuable asset to their services, as we contribute our specialist expertise to the insurers’ know-how. Also, our capacity as an SME enables us to create customized customer support structures and administrative processes for insurance brokers and policyholders alike.
 It is our declared target to blend the respective excellence and strength and save costs by creating synergy effects. Additional earnings can be gained by combining relevant distribution channels.


ATNA - Service

Complementary services – everything from a single source.

Backed by our subsidiary AT Norddeutsche Assekuradeur-Service GmbH we are able to complement the underwriting agent’s highly specialized task of acting as an insurance intermediary and thus provide additional processes such as external risk management, EDP solutions, claims settlement on behalf of our clients and all kinds of services required for solutions going beyond the brokerage of insurance covers.

Also, we will be happy to support market actors from other fields as well and take care of their particular needs. A cooperative attitude is part of the Hanseatic culture in our market.